Article published in SAGE-journal of Structural Health Monitoring

As part of the B²-Monitor project we have successfully demonstrated that damage can be detected with a radar-based structural health monitoring approach. An article has been accepted for publication in the SAGE-journal of Structural Health Monitoring.


Structural health monitoring of wind turbine blades is challenging due to its large dimensions, as well as the complex and heterogeneous material system. In this article, we will introduce a radically new structural health monitoring approach that uses permanently installed radar sensors in the microwave and millimetre-wave frequency range for remote and inservice inspection of wind turbine blades. The radar sensor is placed at the tower of the wind turbine and irradiates the electromagnetic waves in the direction of the rotating blades. Experimental results for damage detection of complex structures will be presented in a laboratory environment for the case of a 10-mm-thick glass-fibre-reinforced plastic plate, as well as a real blade-tip sample.

More information:

Moll, J.; Arnold, P.; Mälzer, M.; Krozer, V.; Pozdniakov, D.; Salman, R.; Rediske, S.; Scholz, M.; Friedmann, H. & Nuber, A. Radar-based Structural Health Monitoring of Wind Turbine Blades: The Case of Damage Detection, Structural Health Monitoring, 2017 (accepted in June 2017), Link