Article published in Sensors journal

A joint work between Saarland University, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und ‐prüfung (BAM), Fraunhofer IKTS and Goethe University of Frankfurt has been accepted for publication in Sensors journal (Special Issue: Smart Sensors for Damage Detection).



Data-driven analysis for damage assessment has a large potential in structural health monitoring (SHM) systems, where sensors are permanently attached to the structure, enabling continuous and frequent measurements. In this contribution, we propose a machine learning (ML) approach for automated damage detection, based on an ML toolbox for industrial condition monitoring. The toolbox combines multiple complementary algorithms for feature extraction and selection and automatically chooses the best combination of methods for the dataset at hand. Here, this toolbox is applied to a guided wave-based SHM dataset for varying temperatures and damage locations, which is freely available on the Open Guided Waves platform. A classification rate of 96.2% is achieved, demonstrating reliable and automated damage detection. Moreover, the ability of the ML model to identify a damaged structure at untrained damage locations and temperatures is demonstrated.


More information:

Schnur, C.; Goodarzi, P.; Lugovtsova, Y.; Bulling, J.; Prager, J.; Tschoeke, K.; Moll, J.; Schütze & Schneider, T., Towards interpretable machine learning for automated damage detection based on ultrasonic guided waves, Sensors, IF in 2020: 3.576, 2022, Vol. 22(1), paper-ID: 406