Article published in Ultrasonics

A joint work with Dr. Beata Zima and Emil Roch (both from Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland) about corrosion degradation assessment based on asymmetry of guided wave propagation field has been accepted for publication in the renowned Ultrasonics journal.



The article presents the results of numerical and experimental investigation of guided wave propagation in steel plates subjected to corrosion degradation. The development of novel procedures allowing for the assessment of the corrosion degradation level is crucial in the effective diagnostics of offshore and ship structures that are especially subjected to aggressive environments. The study’s main aim is to investigate the influence of surface irregularities on wave propagation characteristics. The paper investigates wavefront asymmetry caused by the non-uniform thickness of damaged specimens. In the first step, the influence of thickness variability on the symmetry of the wave field has been investigated numerically. The corroded plates with variable degrees of degradation have been modeled using the random fields approach. The degree of degradation (DoD) varied from 0% to 40%. In the next step, the developed method was examined during experimental tests performed on specimens subjected to accelerated corrosion degradation. The experimental tests were conducted for intact and for corroded plates characterized by a DoD of 10%. It is demonstrated that the new approach based on wave field analysis can be used in structural state assessment.

More information:

Zima, B.; Roch, E. & Moll, J., Nondestructive corrosion degradation assessment based on asymmetry of guided wave propagation field, Ultrasonics, 2024 (accepted in January 2024)