Journal paper accepted for publication in Applied Sciences

A journal paper describing a contribution to the open guided waves platform has been accepted for publication in Applied Sciences.


The third dataset dedicated to the Open Guided Waves platform aims at carbon fiber composite plates with an additional omega stringer at constant temperature conditions. The two structures used in this work are representative for real aircraft components. Comprehensive measurements have been recorded in order to study (I) the impact of the omega stringer on guided wave propagation, and (II) elliptical reference damages of different sizes located at three separate positions on the structure. Measurements have been recorded for narrowband excitation (5-cycle toneburst with varying carrier frequencies) and broadband excitation (using chirp waveforms). The paper presents the results of a technical validation including numerical modelling, and enables further research, for example related to probability of detection (POD) analysis.


Moll, J. ; Kexel, C.; Kathol, J.; Fritzen, C.-P.; Moix-Bonet, M.; Willberg, C.; Rennoch, M.; Koerdt, M. & Herrmann, A., Guided waves for damage detection in complex composite structures: The influence of omega stringer and different reference damage size, Applied Sciences (Special Issue: “Guided Wave-Based Damage Identification for Composite Structures”), 2020 (accepted in April 2020)