Paper accepted at Nature Scientific Data Journal

We are very pleased to announce that a paper got accepted at the Scientific Data journal – an open access publication from the Nature Research for the descriptions of scientifically valuable datasets.


The influence of temperature is regarded as particularly important for a structural health monitoring system based on ultrasonic guided waves. Since the temperature effect causes stronger signal changes than a typical defect, the former must be addressed and compensated for reliable damage assessment. Development of new temperature compensation techniques as well as the comparison of existing algorithms require high-quality benchmark measurements.

This paper investigates a carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) plate that was fully characterized in previous research in terms of stiffness tensor and guided wave propagation. The same CFRP plate is used here for the analysis of the temperature effect for a wide range of ultrasound frequencies and temperatures. The measurement data are a contribution to the Open Guided Waves (OGW) platform:

The technical validation includes initial results on the analysis of phase velocity variations with temperature and exemplary damage detection results using state-of-the-art signal processing methods that aim to suppress the temperature effect.


Moll, J. and Kexel, C. and Pötzsch, S. and Rennoch, M. and Herrmann, A. S., Analysis of the temperature effect on guided wave propagation in a composite plate: Contribution to the Open Guided Waves Platform, Scientific Data, 2019 (accepted for publication, August 2019)