Application 01: Radar-based Structural Health Monitoring

Remote inspection of wind turbine blades based on radar systems in the millimeter-wave frequency band.

Application 02: Detection of bats at wind turbine installations

Bat activity monitoring at wind turbine installations, reducing bat mortality (collision with the rotor blades and barotrauma)

Application 03: Microwave breast cancer detection

Breast cancer detection using ultra-wideband microwave radar: theoretical and experimental investigations, clinical studies.

Application 04: Ultrasonic data communication

Ultrasonic data communication over the dispersive mechanical waveguide between two or multiple sensor nodes. Theoretical and experimental investigation of the communication link.

Application 05: MIMO radar for space applications

MIMO radar in W-band, multiple transmitters (Tx) and multiple receivers (Rx), panel design, 3D imaging of non-cooperative objects such as satellites or space debris

Application 06: Terahertz Non-destructive Testing

Terahertz non-destructive testing, material inspection, two dimensional scanning, synthetic aperture radar processing
Methods & Techniques

Method 01: Image reconstruction techniques

Algorithm development for the localization of an object in 2D (structural damage in plate-like components) or 3D (bats, wind turbine blade, satellite, drone, concealed objects)

Method 02: Development of tissue mimicking phantoms

Carbon rubber mixture for tissue mimicking materials, equivalent dielectric properties over ultra-wideband frequency range (up to 20GHz), quality assessment by means of CT and MRI

Method 03: Video segmentation

Algorithms for video segmentation, background and foreground extraction, object detection

Method 04: Drones

Drones as artificial radar targets for 3D radar localization, GPS tracking, high-resolution videos during flight

Method 05: Piezoelectric transducers

Theoretical and experimental characterization of piezoelectric transducers, acoustic radiation pattern, frequency-dependent excitation characteristics, analysis of transducer debonding, sensor self-diagnosis

Method 06: Analysis of guided wave propagation

Analysis of guided wave propagation in complex structures, Laser-Doppler vibrometry, damage localization and characterization

Method 06: Hardware device for guided wave SHM

Multichannel pitch catch and electromechanical impedance measurements (time-division multiplexing)

Method 07: Dielectric spectroscopy of breast biopsies

Ultra-wideband dielectric spectroscopy of breast biopsies using an open-ended coaxial probe and a network analyzer, clinical investigations

Method 09: Signal pre-conditioning

Temperature compensation, dispersion compensation, artifact removal, compressive sensing, dictionary learning, deconvolution

I would like to thank all the people with whom I have collaborated in recent years. They were too many to list them here. A special thank goes to my colleagues at the Goethe University of Frankfurt and University of Siegen.